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The new platform for data monetization EasyPIMS is available online

8 June 2022

EasyPIMS is the platform that allows users to monetize their data in a transparent way, giving them full control over which data to share and with which companies. EasyPIMS connects companies and organizations that need data, with users who will decide to share them for scientific research or advertising campaigns. At all times, the users have control over their data and receives part of the revenue that companies make with them.

EasyPIMS allows users to enter their personal data and share them with data buyers while respecting users' choices. EasyPIMS simplifies data collection by automatically register the sites visited while browsing the Internet, in order to automatically calculate users' own interests. Likewise, the platform allows to share the places visited by importing this information from Google Maps platform.

For the platform’s launch, the project is raffling off several prizes among the most active users.

EasyPIMS represents the result of the European project PIMCity: Building the next generation personal data platforms coordinated by Professor Marco Mellia of the Department of Control and Computer Engineering (DAUIN) at the Politecnico and coordinator of the SmartData@PoliTO Center. The project, funded by the H2020 programme, aims to identify new solutions to promote the development of an open and transparent marketplace for the exchange of Internet users’ data: the platform is in fact designed to reduce the complexity of the collection and management of personal data (Personal Information Management Systems - PIMS) and to also facilitate companies and SMEs in their entry to the online data market.

To participate visit the platform at this link

More info about the project online at this link