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The masks and gloves donated by its Chinese Alumni are about to reach PoliTo

1 April 2020

“All’alba vincerò!”. Puccini’s Turandot verses, printed on the boxes containing the masks, are full of meaning and hope. The Chinese Alumni, after their fundraising for the donation of protective equipment to PoliTo, decided to pair the shipping of the surgical and ff2 masks with these words. Starting from yesterday, they have been reaching the main venue of Corso Duca degli Abruzzi. Within 72 hours, through a subscription launched on the Chinese social platform Wechat, they collected a sum corresponding to 17 thousand euros, thanks to the donations of 328 Alumni.

A Chinese calligraphy made for the occasion from the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, meaning "Mountains and rivers on any foreign land, with wind and moon under the same heaven stand" Starting from yesterday, the first two batches arrived, containing 2.000 masks each. Other 3.000 will be delivered through the Department of Architecture and Design, directly coming from the International Research Center for Architecture Heritage Conservation of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University with the support of the students who attended the joint Cultural heritage conservation study program, held in Torino from 2011 to 2019.

Further donations will arrive in the next few days, for the amount of 30 thousand masks: “It is a very relevant show of solidarity, for which I would like to thank again our Chinese Alumni and partners”, commented Rector Guido Saracco: “Thanks to this masks we will be able to secure the workers who need to reach their offices and especially our researchers, that will be enabled to progressively resume their activity by reopening the research laboratories, the beating heart of our Athenaeum. Once again, our Alumni show that PoliTo is a wide-ranging community, united in tackling challenges and winning them”.

Rector Guido Saracco receives the first boxes of masks donated by the Chinese Alumni