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Masks and gloves from China to the Politecnico

19 March 2020

In times of emergency, every donation is valuable and may effectively contribute to save lives. However, certain contributions have a peculiar meaning: it is the case of the fundraising held by a group of Chinese former students of the Politecnico, which consists in medical equipment directly coming from China. Within 72 hours, through a subscription launched on the Chinese social platform Wechat, they have collected a sum corresponding to 17 thousand euros, thanks to the contributions of 328 Alumni. This sum will be used to purchase Chinese medical equipment – which are now available again – that will be shipped to the Politecnico and then delivered to the Regional Civil Protection.

The image posted on Wechat “We, as Chinese alumni of Politecnico di Torino, being concerned about the situation in Italy, expressed our willing to contribute to the epidemic prevention in the Region where we were welcomed and studied. Not only the Alumni, but even other friends of the Politecnico di Torino have contributed to the donation”, explainedFlora Zhang Yu and Zhixia Xi, two of the promoters of the fundraising, who stated: “Chinese alumni will stand by Politecnico di Torino forever and get through the emergency together”.

Medical and healthcare facilities will be sent to Italy, following the advice of the Civil Protection. These materials, however, are not the only Chinese aids distributed via the Politecnico: the Association of Chinese students and scholars of the Politecnico di Torino has raised private donations from the families of former Chinese students. Furthermore, two Chinese institutions which share relevant ties with the Politecnico, the Shanghai Tongji University and the Senmiao School – where PoliTO’s entrance tests for Chinese students are annually held – have contributed with direct donations. Also the Huawei company will deliver masks for the Politecnico to Corso Duca degli Abruzzi.

“We are deeply moved by our Chinese alumni’s generosity”, commented Carla Chiasserini, Rector’s Delegate for Alumni, “they have gone through our same difficulties and they wanted to provide a concrete sign of their closeness. It means that our Alumni constitute an actual community, which I am sure will come out strengthened from this complex period”.

“We intend to express our deepest gratitude to our Chinese Alumni and partners”, concluded Rector Guido Saracco and his Delegate for Relations with China, Michele Bonino: “We are a large University, considering that our international relations are not purely formal: they are based on people, thus they remain steady over time and they strengthen during critical times”.