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The modular pavilion of the PoliTo students first in the Chinese competition between Universities

20 August 2019

The joint team Politecnico di Torino - DAD and SEUArch Nanjing won the first prize at 2019 UIA-CBC International Colleges and Universities Competitive Construction Workshop at Guoyan Village (Jiangsu Province, China).

The Team was composed by around fifteen students coming from the two Universities (Anastasia Carvallo Barreto, Alessandro Di Renzo, Alessandra Viotti (design and building), Ksenia Kuzmina and Riccardo Piazzai (design) coming from PoliTo) tutored by Wang Chuan (SEU) and by Dong Yinan (PoliTo) and supervised by Professor Bao Li from SEU and Professor Marco Trisciuoglio from PoliTo; they worked hard in designing (passing the selection to final phase on  April, 15th, 2019) and prototyping (since May to July 2019) and then built (in last 20 days) an extraordinary wooden pavilion named “Beyond the Module”, as a tribute to the site dedicated to the traditional cultivation of Chinese white pears.

The pavilion has been thought as a social place, designed on a modular cube-based rule (named “pixelization”) in order to combine landscape, nature and artifact’s tectonics.

IMG_8066_r IMG_8067_r IMG_8093_r IMG_8095 IMG_8103 IMG_8097 IMG_8076 IMG_8073 8089

At the final phase of the competition also other strong 14 joint teams took part, as  the School of Architecture of Tsinghua Beijing with Liubliana University, the school of Tianjin University with Syracuse University NY,  the South China University of Technology with the School of Architecture of Barcelona (Spain) and the Xi’An University of Architecture and Technology with Politecnico di Milano.

The participation at the UIA-CBC International Competitive Workshop is one among the activities (in researching, designing and teaching) conducted by the PoliTo/SEU  “Transitional Morphologies” Joint Research Unit, co-directed by Professor Bao Li, and Professor Marco Trisciuoglio between China and Italy and officially established in 2017/2018 at the two academic institutions