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PoliTO Studio project doubled: after China it is Latin America’s turn

5 October 2022

The internationalization project PoliTO Studio framed within the collaboration agreement between Politecnico di Torino and Turin PCC Order of Architects, has strengthened its results. The TDH–TURIN Design Hub team involving 12 architecture studios and the research group China Room of the Department of Architecture and Design-DAD, formed in 2021, successfully carry on multiple activities within the Chinese market. After the fourth position achieved at the beginning of the year in the international competition for Meiguan Innovative Corridor, TDH can boast another important result within the Beyond Yue / Janhu Revival Planning And Design Competition by ranking among the top 20 proposals.

“Archipelago Jianhu: A Permanent Vitality” proposal,elaborated in collaboration with South China University of Technology (SCUT) Architectural Design & Research Institute, worked on a strategic transformation plan involving a multipurpose territorial development on a wide area of high landscape value north of Shaoxing city.

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For the next two months, TDH will be working on the new project for the Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture (UABB) 2022. The group was invited to jointly participate with SCUT by presenting an installation titled “GBA Uninterruped”, a mosaic of territorial sections running through the post-industrial city.

Thanks to these achievements, Polito Studio entered heart of its second year by opening to Latin America: 12 studios have been selected through a public competition and will participate to a two-year collaborative learning process to approach the Latin American market, leading to a total of 24 architecture practices involved in the project.

In parallel to TDH's activities in the Chinese market, the new group ACTO ('action' in Spanish), an acronym for 'Architecture Collective Torino' made up of selected studios for Latin America, was set up and started its training programme to take part, together with DAD, in a public competition announced by the ERU (Empresa de Renovación y Desarrollo Urbano de Bogotá) in collaboration with the Universidad Javeriana De Bogotá.