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Five students of Politecnico at Munich Satellite Navigation Summit

9 March 2018

Five students of Politecnico di Torino were awarded, through a European competition, of a travel grant funded by GNSS Agency of the European Commission to attend the Munich Satellite Navigation Summit that took place on 5-7 March, and that is one one of the major events in Europe dedicated to Satellite Navigation.

Twelve students from 8 different European universities were selected and Politecnico distinguished for the largest number of winners, belonging to different study courses. 3 students are enrolled in the II level Master in Navigation and Related Applications, one comes from the Communications and Computer Networks Engineering and one from the ICT for Smart Societies study course.

The students were selected by an international board, evaluating the scripts they submitted about the importance of Satellite Navigation (in particular of the European Galileo system), of the technology and of the applications for the future and for their personal career.

At the Summit they had the chance to meet the most important players for the deployment of  Galileo systems, belonging to European Commission and to the European Space Agency, as well as a large number of companies that work on the development of the Galileo navigation system and the applications.

Stefano Calleris, of ICT4SS said that “The Munich Summit has been an amazing opportunity for us to listen to the latest news and problematics, talk with people in the business, meet companies and begin to understand how the GNSS world works. I'm very glad I've been there.”  Filippo Rizzi of CCNE remarked that “The atmosphere of the Summit was absolutely sensational. It was very interesting to see leader companies and major experts in the field working all together for the benefit of our society."

The large number of students selected is a remarkable result for Politecnico, that demonstrated to be one of the most relevant players in Europe for the training of experts in Satellite Navigation and positioning through the II level Master but also in general for the ICT sector, preparing experts in a field of modern technologies expected to boom in the years to come.