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Competence Center: Politecnico and University together with companies to set up a highly specialised competence center on Industry 4.0

6 April 2018

The Politecnico di Torino and the University of Turin intend to set up a highly specialised Competence Center, with the aim of creating a complex programme of business activities. To this end, within the deadline of 30.04.2018, they will present a project proposal to MiSE to participate in the tender call and access the benefits provided for by the Directorial Decree of 29/01/2018. The Competence Center will aim to promote the transfer of technological solutions and innovation to production processes, products and business models deriving from the development, adoption and diffusion of technologies in the field of 4.0, in line with the framework of the interventions of the National Industry Plan 4.0.

The Politecnico and the University will select the Companies (which can express their interest by 11 April) with which to prepare the project proposal and, in the case of access to the envisaged benefits, will set up the highly specialised Competence Center in the form of a public-private partnership in the Advanced Manufacturing sector. The theme of manufacturing will be at the centre of the activity but implemented within the framework of the production methods of the future with particular attention to the generation of demonstration pilot lines. New technologies, based above all on the digitalization of production processes, combined with new economic models, a new work organisation and new social relationships both inside and outside companies.

The Competence Center will make it possible to implement a wide programme of activities related to innovative manufacturing processes (e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Laser-based Manufacturing, World Class Manufacturing), considering the aspects linked to the development of new technologies, new materials, use of ICT technologies (e.g. IoT, Big Data), energy efficiency and the development of new business models. In particular, the Competence Center will provide guidance and training services to companies, especially SMEs, and services for the implementation of innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development.

On adhering to the Competence Center, the selected companies will contribute to creating the demonstration production lines, based on the application of new technologies and new manufacturing methods, according to the objectives of the National Industry Plan 4.0. The illustrative production lines will be situated in the Competence Center and will be available for experimentation of new technologies and for personnel training.

“Today, information technology is entering the factory in an increasingly pervasive manner. This implies, on the one hand, the need to govern this process, while on the other there is the need to keep in step with innovation, in order to maintain and strengthen the country's competitiveness. In this scenario, we are convinced that universities can play a key role, as the Ministry also recognises, having envisaged setting up Competence Centers to promote Industry 4.0. The Piedmont center will undoubtedly guarantee great added value to the local area: a competence center with international visibility and reputation, infrastructures and human resources shared with the business system, able to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies in advance, promote their development, disseminating and understanding the economic, social and cultural impact, especially by supporting SMEs in such a delicate transition phase as the one we are witnessing” says the Rector of the Politecnico, Guido Saracco.

“The University of Turin has strong interactions with local companies, both large and medium-small,” affirms the Rector of the University Gianmaria Ajani “and together with the Politecnico it plays a central role in the development and innovation of the regional production system. The two universities are engaged in training, research and the third mission and are ready to make their skills available, in collaboration with the Industrial Union and the Piedmont Region, to set up the Competence Center at the service of companies. Only through a strong synergy between the Politecnico and the University in Turin, with Companies and with the Institutions, will it be possible to give a significant impulse to the Industry 4.0 challenge.”

The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is Wednesday 11 April at 3 pm. Information at and For any clarifications and technical information, Companies can send requests by e-mail only to