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Water to Food’s video awarded at the World Food Forum Film Festival

22 October 2021

The video made for the Water to Food communication campaign was recently awarded the prize “Best focus on agri-food system” at the World Food Forum Film Festival, for “its originality and its ability to communicate such an important message in such a direct and clear way”.

Water to Food was conceived by three early-career scientists Benedetta Falsetti, Carla Sciarra, and Marta Tuninetti from Politecnico di Torino – DIATI, together with an interdisciplinary team of communicators, filmmakers and social media managers. It is one of the outputs of the ERC Research project “CWASI - Coping with WAter Scarcity In a globalized world”, coordinated by Prof. Francesco Laio.

The Film Festival is open to young filmmakers who want to tell the world stories that will inspire behavioural change and play an essential role in transforming our agri-food systems.

The award was given during the opening ceremony of the World Food Forum that took place last October 1st and the video, made by filmmakers Stefano De Marco and Niccolò Falsetti, was be featured in the FoodxFilm Festival: Food Future Reimagined organized by the WFF in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Guild of Future Architects.