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TIM activates the first 5G antenna in Politecnico di Torino

15 December 2017

Thanks to the first 5G TIM millimeter wave antenna activated on the whole Italian territory, TIM, in collaboration with Ericsson, achieved a new record through a beyond 20 Gigabit/s connection, which represents the maximum result reached by this new technology in the urban environment.

During the presentation held at Politecnico on 14th December 2017, this technology, which is considered to be very promising for all the possible applications thanks to the speed of the connection, has been introduced to the audience: people in Politecnico have been able to visit Piazza Carlo Alberto from the other side of the City.

An avatar guide drives the 3D glasses and sensor-equipped visitors in the historic square by giving them the possibility to experience the capability of virtual reality. It is an immersion experience reached through the 5G mobile networks high speed level, which makes immediate, in one thousandth of second, the interaction among guide, virtual environment and visitor.

Therefore, Turin turned to be the 5G Italian capital and among the first cities in Europe to benefit from a new generation mobile network.

The implementation of the 5G record connection is included within the framework of the MoU signed last March between TIM and the City of Turin for the development of the project “Torino 5G”, where a progressive coverage of the City through the new generation network is expected within 2020.

Within this background, the long-lasting collaboration between TIM and Politecnico di Torino has been strengthened even more: during 2018, new 5G joint research activities will be implemented with the aim of developing new generation applications.