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Erasmus+ International Staff Training Week at Politecnico

26 June 2019

An entire week dedicated to “Internationalisation of higher education systems” in the frame of the Erasmus+ program took place at the Politecnico, bringing together partner universities from all over the world: it is the International Staff Training Week organized by the International Affairs Area from the 10th to the 14th of June with the aim of consolidating the participants’ competences in some processes related to the internationalization of higher education.

The event was attended by 29 administrative and academic delegates of PoliTo partner universities coming from 14 Non-EU countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Colombia, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Russia, Serbia, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. The topic of internationalisation was developed in four interactive workshops led by the International Affairs Area and the Student Affairs Area and focused on: Erasmus+ KA107 project cycle and mobility management, Summer Schools, Teaching and Language Lab, Mobile technologies and services in a campus environment. The workshops stressed the transversal nature of the discussed topics and fostered the exchange of best practices in the contexts of the participating universities.

The week was opened with the speeches of Francesca Verga, Vice Rector for International Affairs, and Alberto Godio, Rector's Advisor for Student Mobility and Erasmus+. The workshop on the Teaching and Language Lab was conducted by Cristiana Rossignolo, Rector’s Advisor for the Teaching Lab and the Language Centre.

An afternoon was dedicated to the “POLITO International Fair 2019 - Beyond Europe” addressed to PoliTo students, who had the opportunity to meet the partner universities and collect information in view of a possible study period abroad. The presence of the partner universities at PoliTo was also a networking opportunity for several faculty members. During the week, the training activity was complemented by guided visits of the PoliTo main campus, the historic seat of the Valentino Castle and the city of Torino.

The participants appreciated the quality and the organization of the training activities and considered them very useful for their professional enhancement and for strengthening the relations between institutions. Many of them, on their first visit of the Politecnico, also greatly appreciated the city of Torino and PoliTo as a valuable destination for their exchange students.

The realisation of the International Staff Training Week was possible thanks to the funds available in the frame of the EU Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (KA107) project financed by the Italian Erasmus+ National Agency INDIRE. Almost all participants were granted an Erasmus+ scholarship for Staff Training mobility.

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