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A new Specializing Master’s Programme launched by Magneti Marelli

1 December 2017

A new Specializing Master’s Programme launched by Magneti Marelli and Politecnico di Torino to train engineers for advanced suspension systems in the automotive field

The call for applications has been published for the 2nd level Specializing Master’s Programme in “Automotive Suspensions: Technologies and Products for Mechanical evolution and Smart Actuation". Applications are open until 8 January 2018 for 20 engineering graduates up to the age of 30, who will receive specialised classroom and company-based trainin, and the characteristics of the Master and admissions procedures are available on Politecnico di Torino website .


Magneti Marelli and Politecnico di Torino (Polytechnic University of Turin)have launched the first 2nd level Specializing Master's Programme in “Automotive Suspensions: Technologies and Products for Mechanical evolution and Smart Actuation”, with the aim of training highly qualified professional figures for the design of advanced suspension systems for the automotive field. The course, which will involve up to 20 candidates, is the result of collaboration between the company and the polytechnic, aimed at offering young graduates the possibility to access high-level specialist abilities.


The Master, which will be held in English, is open to students up to 30 years of age, from anywhere in the world, in possession of a full degree (Master of Science degree or equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechatronic Engineering or Telecommunications Engineering. The students will be selected via an international call for applications: candidates can apply until 8 January 2018, according to the admissions requirements and procedures published on the website:


Set up by a joint Scientific Advisory Board which includes specialists from the polytechnic and the company, the course provides for a total of 380 hours of classroom activities and 550 hours of internship at the Magneti Marelli plants in Turin and Venaria Reale.

The Programme is designed in such a way as to ensure a balance between theory and practice, associating classroom-based lessons, experiential forms of teaching, simulations, business cases and know-how developed in the field.


The teaching staff, composed of academic and corporate experts from Politecnico di Torino and Magneti Marelli, will provide students from different backgrounds the multidisciplinary skills necessary to face the challenges placed by the evolution of the automotive world, with the aim of preparing the next generation of engineers in the sector of advanced suspensions.

In particular, the Programme will cover technological topics related to suspension architectures and chassis design, ranging from mechanical design to production processes and technological aspects, with a focus on electronic systems, control units and strategies, smart actuators for active and semi-active suspensions. A deep dive into energy management aspects at suspension and vehicle level will also be included. Trainings about Quality, Company Organisation and Program Management will help the students prepare for their internship in the company.


Magneti Marelli, as well as providing the abilities of its professional figures for teaching, its plants for the internships and its equipment for the completion of end-of-course projects, will also be providing support for all of the students through scholarships. At the end of the course, the company will also assess the possibility of employment in various positions within its organisation for a number of those who graduated from the Specializing Master’s Programme.